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Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunity: Lunar Impact Breccia Geochronology

Kip and Washington University-St. Louis colleague Brad Jolliff have received NASA funding to apply laser microprobe 40Ar 39Ar and (U-Th)/ He geochronology to impact melts and shocked materials from the Apollo sample archive. An opportunity is available for a new postdoctoral research associate to work on this project. E-mail for more information.
Postdoctoral Research Associate Opportunity: Noble Gas Geochronology and Geochemistry

A general postdoctoral research associate position is available for someone enthusiastic about a wide range of research problems in noble gas kinetics in fluids and minerals. E-mail for more information.
PhD Student Opportunity: Noble Gas Systematics in Shocked Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials

In conjunction with the study described above and other active studies, Kip is also looking for a new PhD student to explore the effects of shock metamorphism on noble gas kinetics and the general utility of noble gasses in dating thermal and impact events on Earth, Moon, and meteorite parent bodies.
E-mail for more information.
PhD Student Opportunities: Continental Tectonics
Kip is always enthusiastic to talk with students seeking PhD opportunities in continental tectonics, and has opportunities at present for work in the Himalaya on neotectonics and landscape evolution and on the integration of structural geology and thermochronology in exploring the evolution of major Cenozoic detachment systems near the Himalayan range crest. E-mail for more information.