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New student/postdoc opportunities

Kip will be accepting one or two new graduate students and taking on one or two new postdocs for Fall 2011. Check out the opportunities page for more information.

Kate Huntington speaks at GSA

Congratulations to former PhD student Kate Huntington who was a keynote speaker for the GSA Structural Geology and Tectonics 30th Anniversary Symposium at the Denver National Meeting.

Recent presentations at National GSA in Denver

A topical session at the recent national GSA meeting -- "Field Geology on Other Planets: An Emerging Science" -- featured talks describing human and robotic field geology on the Moon and Mars, analog studies on Earth, and roadmaps for the development of advanced planetary field geology. Several of the talks reported on recent NASA-Ames robotic tests at the Haughton Mars Project and on the 2010 NASA Desert RATS project in northern Arizona. Our group (Adams, Hodges, Monteleone, and Young, as well as former student José Hurtado) were heavily involved in both exercises.

Presentations at the GSA meeting included talks by Kip Hodges (with co-authors Harrison Schmitt and Terry Fong) on "A new approach to advanced planetary field geology", and by Young (with co-authors Kip Hodges, Cindy Evans, Maria Bualat, Matt Deans, Terry Fong, Essam Heggy, Mark Helper, and José Hurtado) on "The use of handheld x-ray fluorescence technology in planetary surface exploration".